It's all about the journey

... not just the destination. But it is rewarding to look at the little ripples on the surface, caused by the wind, and the sunlight, reflected by the water. In summer you can also go swimming here. And in winter the surface of the lake turns into a natural ice arena. Here is a place to rest, where you can cool your feet in the refreshing water or simply enjoy the view.
An old legend from the region tells about a dragon, living in the lake, slithering down to the river in the valley, leaving behind a path of destruction. But you don’t have to be afraid, because despite the great diversity of species in this landscape conservation area, the dragon has not been encountered since centuries.

Those of you who just can’t get enough of the beautiful lake, can take a walk around it and enjoy the scenery from every perspective. A refreshment for tired hikers is offered at the Seehäusl.
A broad path leads you back to the Wellerbrücke (Weller Bridge). From there you take the hiking path, crossing the bridge and walk comfortably back to your apartment, at the banks of the Ötztal Ache.

Piburger See – Lake Piburg

There are a lot of hiking paths in the Ötztal, but an especially beautiful place in the valley is the Piburger See, a natural lake and rewarding destination of today’s hiking tip.
So, get into your comfortable hiking boots and get going! Start at the All-Suite Resort and walk to the Ötztal Ache, feeding from the melting water of the mountains. Follow the river deeper into the valley until you reach the Brandachbrücke (Brandach Bridge). By the way, here also is the rafting entrance – if you should plan a white-water adventure in your holidays. Cross the bridge and follow the path leading you through the meadows. Along the lush green, decorated with the colourful flowers, you walk on the hiking path, passing by a chapel, until you reach the lake.

So many idyllic places are located in the beautiful Ötztal nature. Places, that make your heart sing with joy, make your thoughts fly high and make your eyes shine.