What counts? What remains? What’s important?

Our society as a whole, as well as each one of us as an individual, has faced great challenges due to the coronavirus. Totally unexpected, we suddenly had time to pause for a moment and think about the things that are really important. Often our priorities have changed during this process. Health – our own and the health of people in our lives - has been highlighted. As well as our personal freedom, which before often had been taken for granted. And our social contacts – family, friends, colleagues. Now we focus more on these substantial qualities.

These things have always been of great importance to us at the All-Suite Resort Ötztal, and therefore you find the perfect holiday destination here. To refuel on energy, to face the upcoming challenges, to breathe deep after difficult times and to simply enjoy life. Spend holidays in the idyllic setting of the Alpine scenery, offering manifold possibilities of healthy activities in the clear Alpine air, spreading a feeling of joy. Furthermore, you relax in our spa area and enjoy the amenities, providing a high level of freedom. Far from the loud, exaggerated mass events you find a place with a positive view of the future.

Safe holidays in the Ötztal

Even in difficult times like these, the advantages of the All-Suite Resort offer you holidays free of worries and cares:

  • fast check-in in the spacious reception
  • new, sanitised apartments and real privacy
  • freedom, to do what you want, whenever you want
  • self-catering, delivery service, take-away or eating out
  • the stunning bounty of nature
  • health-promoting spa experiences
  • no turmoil, no hectic

Nature has remained the same, but our point of view has changed. We look a little bit more closely, live more consciously and appreciate the small things in life.

All-Suite – all good

Living. Loving. Laughing. Especially now, it is important to keep an optimistic view of the future, or to rediscover optimism. Savour the regained freedom. Enjoy privacy and time. With people that mean a lot to you. All-Suite offers the perfect prerequisites for wonderful holidays. Inhale the fragrance of pure life.

All-Suite – for all of
those, who love freedom.